download mt32

mtelnet for OS/2 and Win32, beta12  [ this is probably the coolest telnet client for os/2 and win32 =) ]

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Windows Console Color Fix <- get this
mTelnet 1.0 beta #12 [.zip version] (November 10th, 2003)
mTelnet .exe installer
Mtelnet Dialing Dir Maint programs for 16bit/os2/windows
mTelnet is a telnet client for OS/2 and Windows that has
Z-Modem, Backscroll and a Phonebook. It's great for telneting to bbses.

x  zmodem
x  ansi, vt100
x  phonebook
x  color backscroll
x  its free!

mtel.exe = os/2 exe
mt32.exe = win32 exe

for key info, hit escape @ the phonebook and then press alt-z

thanks to Michael J. Ryan of for the .exe installer!

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